Awana Help With Verse Memorization Pt 1

Awana Help With Verse Memorization Pt 1


Awana Help with Verse Memorization

I had a parent of a kindergarten student contact me today asking for help with Scripture memorization in Awana. Every child will learn and respond to teaching differently, so with that in mind, I simply shared how I teach my own kindergartener.

Wednesday night is our Awana club. We get started immediately the next morning on our new verse.

Here is our schedule for learning verses:
Thursday morning– On the drive to school we listen to the new verse song on the Awana cd. We try to learn it. If it is tough, it is no big deal. No pressure on Thursday because we are just starting to learn it.
Thursday afternoon– Try to say verse on the drive home. It will at least be a little familiar with your child at this point.
Friday morning– We listen to the song and usually break the verse down into sections… sometimes two, sometimes three sections. I never move on to a section of the verse if they don’t have the first part down yet. Don’t overwhelm. And I always start with the location of the verse (Genesis 1:31) and end with it. This will help with association.
Friday afternoon– If he can say the verse now, I offer an incentive. Maybe a starburst. Maybe a snowcone. It may be getting to do hospital visits to visit sick church members with me (he loves doing this.)
Weekend– Break time, but I will randomly ask the verse. Still no stress.
Monday morning– It is now time to know the verse. From here on out, it needs to be repetition. They need to know it and have confidence in saying it. How I usually phrase it, is I say that for the last few days he has been learning the verse. Now it is time to teach it. I’ll tell him to act like the teacher and teach it to me. I ask him to use a teacher voice. He gets into it and is confident with it.
Tuesday & Wednesday– Continue repeating it. Keep playing the songs each day. It is nice to have something to sing to, and not just have to repeat with words.
Key: I make it fun. I don’t get upset at my son if he is struggling. I don’t want him to associate any negative feelings with Scripture memorization. I want it to be a joy for him.
Feel free to share your ideas and tips in the comment section below!

Is Your Kid’s Ministry Unwelcoming?


welcome kids to kids ministry

Mark Jones over at Mr. Mark’s Classroom listed a great post asking “Is your kid’s ministry unwelcoming?”

He asks a series of questions that help guide you in areas that make an impression on visitors to your kid’s ministry.

Here are a couple questions:

•Greeters know how to lead guests to our children’s ministry area.

great greeters……..need some help……..what greeters?

•The children’s ministry area is easy to find.

Yes!……..some signs would help……..have time for a tour?

Check out the rest of his questions here: Welcome, and Don’t Turn Them Away!


Tips for VBS

Tips for VBS

The Sunday School/Small Group Ministry of the Georgia Baptist Convention has released a new video offering tips for VBS.

Two of our own children’s ministry leaders are interviewed, Jenni Carter and Kim Harris.

Check it out here:


Here is the link: GBC Small Group

Children who date are more likely to make poor choices

kids holding hands pic

Copyright Melissa Witcher


According to a study conducted by the University of Georgia, middle school students who date “have significantly worse study skills, are four times more likely to drop out of school and report twice as much alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use than their single classmates.” Link to UGA study.


Huge repercussions simply to date someone you like. The study shows that children who date are more likely to make poor choices.

This study followed 624 students over a seven-year length of time. So the statistics make a pretty bold statement. But through media, our culture pushes relationships heavily to our children and youth. Relationships are prevalent in kid’s TV shows. Most songs are based around relationships.

I have even had people tell my five year old that he is the boyfriend of different little girls, or that they are going to get married. I always gently assure him they are just best friends. He prefers that anyway. I know people think it is cute. But why start so early??

We can’t get past relationships being pushed on them. So how do you address children in dating relationships with your students and their parents?

Share in the comments below ways you have spoken regarding relationships.

Trends Tips and Thoughts in Children’s Ministry May 17, 2013

Trends Tips Thoughts in Childrens Ministry


Trends, Tips, and Thoughts is a weekly roundup of good articles to read for personal and professional development in children’s ministry and leadership.


“Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD” -Psychology Today

Different classification systems. Different parental structure. Different approach. But is there really a difference? Let us know your thoughts below.


“Abercrombie and Fitch Become Clothing Choice of Homeless” – Relevant Magazine

Fitch is no stranger when it comes to appalling adults everywhere with trying to get young children to dress with as little as possible. Recently the owner of A & F make a bold statement saying his clothing are made only for “cool kids.” One daring soul decided to make A & F the brand of people that didn’t quite make the “cool” cut.


“Seven Behaviors Your Kids are Guaranteed to Copy” – Confessions of a Parent

Kids don’t just “become.” They are shaped.


Feel free to comment below on insights from the articles above.


*Children’s Ministry Network does not necessarily endorse the articles presented. Rather, they are presented for thought, development, and dialogue.


Trends, Tips, and Thoughts April 20, 2013


Trends, Tips, and Thoughts is a weekly roundup of good articles to read for personal and professional development in children’s ministry and leadership.– “What New Parents Need from Your Nursery”

          This is a great article to review to help you get a fresh perspective on what parents and visitors see and need every time they walk through the doors of your nursery. Take a look.

 Dale Hudson 6 Benefits of Serving in Children’s Ministry

          Dale shares part of his children’s ministry volunteer orientation with us. Great ideas to implement as we train our children’s ministry leaders within our church.

Jenny Funderburke on – Preparing for Weekends with Lots of Visitors

           Mother’s Day will be here in just a matter of weeks. Mother’s Day is the third highest visitor-attracting weekend for most church (and in some cases second highest!) These tips from Jenny will help you get everything in shape as you prepare for lots of people!