Free Presentation Videos and Images for Children’s Ministry

Exclusive kidmin resources

Now that you’ve got your free presentation software for Children’s Worship, you will need great, professional looking graphics and videos to display during your program. I’ve included links to a few FREE resources for your children’s ministry.

1. Graceway Media– Check out these great countdown clocks, video, and still images. Very professional. Very free. Sign up for a free account to begin downloading immediately.

2. FreePik – Great Photos and Photoshop files that you can use for backgrounds for your presentation material.

3. Muddy River Media – Video loops, countdown clocks, still images.

4. Church Media Design – Backgrounds, theme packs.

5. Creation Swap – Motions, slides, photos. Lot of great stuff. One of my favorites.


Do you have some favorites that aren’t listed here?

Free Presentation Software for Children’s Ministry

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A great way to enhance your children’s worship or children’s church is by using a projector and presentation software. You can show lyrics to praise and worship songs. You can show promo videos for upcoming children’s ministry events. You can present hilarious videos that will give your kids belly aches from laughing so hard. Lots of options are on the table when you can get a projector, a computer, and a good presentation software.

Votive Praise has a listing of 12 FREE presentation software programs that are sure to help your budget. Check out the article for a full description of the programs, or you can just click on the links below to go to the programs.

1. Exposong

2. EasySlides

12. Asaph
*Children’s Ministry Network does not endorse any of the above programs.
Has anyone tried to use any of these programs? If so, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Easiest, Least Painful Way to Tie Water Balloons

Last summer, I was planning our water fun day for our children’s ministry and bought several packs of water balloons to prepare for the fun day. The kids love it. We all have fun. But I am left with blisters on my hands from looping knots of dozens of small water balloons.

Long story made short….my son gets sick. I make a midnight run to Kroger. As I am heading out the door I see a discount section. I’m not sure if the intercom said “clean up on aisle three” or if I heard an angelic choir but for 99 cents each I saw an item that my hands would thank me for many years to come.


Tie Knot Water Balloons. It is quick. It is easy. And it ties the balloons for you, as well as helps you fill the water balloon up.

My time was cut drastically. My hands were pain free.

Watch the video. You’ll see how easy it is.

Here is a link to Think Geek for $5 per tool. You might go ahead and grab two or three so that you don’t get stuck doing them all yourself. Now you can tie water balloons in a shorter amount of time and enjoy it more!